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10 Things Loved in August

It was a life-changing month. It also involved a few trips. Things were bittersweet. Did I mention life might be changing? Here are 10 things I loved about August.

1. Foggy mornings at the Oregon coast

2. Tomatoes from my garden

3. Road trip to Crater Lake

4. Camp food – grilled corn on the cob

5. Hiking down to Crater Lake and wading in the icy, clear blue water

6. Pancakes at the Crater Lake Lodge restaurant

7. Celebrating my sweetheart getting old (turning 31)

8. Portland Bridge Pedal – the 10-bridge ride

9. Last-minute trip to Hawaii for husband’s job interview

10. Throwing our plans out the window

10 Things Loved in May

It’s time for another things loved list. Without further ado:

Issey Miyake1. Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’Issey
Nordstrom sent me an offer for a free atomizer with my choice of perfume. I chose the Issey Miyake scent and have absolutely fallen in love. Sephora says Miyake’s fragrances are fueled by “technology, minimalism, and nature.” OK, I’ll take the technology-fueled scent. …now to get a larger version for when my freebie runs out so I can be the woman your woman could smell like.

Springwater Trail2. The Springwater Trail
The Springwater Trail is part of a 40-mile paved loop in Portland. When I was marathon training, I did my longer runs on the trail, but biking has always been my favorite Springwater activity.

3. Hash Restaurant
Hash Restaurant happens to be just a block north of the Springwater Trail, and is a great destination for a weekend morning ride… good luck pedaling home. Hash is a classic Portland/NW style with many sustainable and local ingredients. I love their French toast with whipped creme fraiche. They also serve mini scones with their coffee, which is a nice touch.

photo by greenhem, because I'm too lazy to get out in the rain and take my own

4. Peonies
I have two different varieties of peonies in my yard – magenta in the front yard and pale pink in the back. The magenta ones always bloom first in mid May and the pale pink peonies usually bloom the last week of May (and often get rained out). I just love the choppy texture of peonies. Very scissor-hands!

5. Sexy Boot Jeans
As I have been hinting, we’ve had a ton of rain in Portland, which really made May feel like winter or fall. I took the opportunity to stock up on my favorite Sexy Boot jeans from the Gap and ordered dark wash, medium tint and distressed finish. I won’t need new jeans for at least a year!

6. Pacific City, Oregon
In May, we took a mini-break anniversary vacation to Pacific City and stayed at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda, which was very beachy and cozy. Haystack Rock and the Pelican Pub and Brewery are the highlights of this postcard-perfect town. (And it happened to be featured in the June issue of Sunset magazine, so we felt like we went at the perfect time before it is “rediscovered” for the season.)

She and Him7. She & Him
Genius collaboration project between Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. I was able to see them at the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend over Memorial Day weekend. My absolute favorite song on Volume 2 is “Gonna Get Along Without You Now” which is a Skeeter Davis cover. During the concert “She” forgot the lyrics and asked to start over, which sounds annoying, but she was absolutely adorable.

aqua-blue-santorini-table-world-market8. Santorini Table
I finally scored my summer cafe table! I drooled over the Santorini table at World Market last year but wasn’t convinced on the red or green. This year it came out in a new color – aqua – and it is PERFECT. I used a $10 off coupon to get it for $90. Then I got home to find purple marks all over the tiles so by the time I went to exchange it, all the Santorini items were on clearance and I ended up getting it for $50!!! I’m picking up outdoor “wicker” chairs at Target to go with it.

9. Dreaming about a vacation to Greece and Turkey
Speaking of Santorini, visiting Greece and Turkey is #20 on my 30 before 30 list and there’s a good chance I’ll be crossing it off my list this fall. I’ve been researching trip ideas and airfare (ouch) and planning the ideal itinerary. Fingers crossed it works out with work schedules and budget.

10. Career Changes
I spent about half of May contemplating a big career move (which was the real #21 on my 30 before 30 list). I applied for two jobs, scored interviews for both, negotiated and accepted a great new position. Change is on the way and next week I’ll start a new job after seven years with the same company!

24 May

Reading: The Happy at Work Manifesto

Change This: The Happy at Work ManifestoAnybody have a case of the Mondays? Bwahaha… Here’s my favorite fix – The “Happy at Work Manifesto” from Change This. It’s an excerpt from Alexander Kjerulf’s book Happy Hour is 9 to 5: How to Love Your Job, Love Your Life and Kick Butt at Work.

Even though the manifesto was written three years ago, it is still one of my favorites and I read it a few times per year. It’s funny that after all this time, I still haven’t read the book, which apparently sucks (just two Amazon reviews). I guess it’s one of those cases of a book that should have been a chapter.

This isn’t something that’s going to blow your mind and make you think radically different, it’s just a fun reminder to choose happiness. Cheesy, but in a nice way:

Because the future belongs to the happy!

1: I choose to be happy at work.

2: I can be happy at work.

3: My happiness at work is my responsibility.

4: Knowing what makes me happy or unhappy at work is my responsibility.

5: Letting others know what makes me happy or unhappy at work is my responsibility.

6: Something will happen when I do something.

7: I know that my happiness at work affects my happiness outside of work.

8: I know that happiness at work affects my health.

9: I may end up spending most of my waking hours at work—I want to make those hours count.

10: It’s OK to have a bad day at work.

11: I do my best work when I’m happy.

12: There’s no such thing as too much happiness.

13: I recognize that happiness at work also comes from the time I don’t spend at work.

14: I recognize that happiness at work is different for everyone.

15: Happiness at work is something I create now.

16: I recognize that happiness at work doesn’t come from the absence of bad things in the workplace.

17: Happiness at work is infectious—I will be a carrier.

18: The best way to make myself happy at work is by making others happy at work.

19: I will take time to do this.

20: I will fix my job or quit.

21: Happiness at work ain’t rocket science.

22: I give first.

23: I recognize that a higher salary will not make me happy at work.

24: I recognize that power, status symbols, a corner office or even access to the corporate jet won’t make me happy at work.

25: Happiness at work comes from the things you and I do here and now.

If you enjoyed those points, go check out the whole thing on www.ChangeThis.com — a super cool website that publishes short 10 to 20-page manifestos (which are basically well-designed, illustrated book excerpts).

8 May

My 30 before 30 list

While in the throes of a “holy hell I’m getting old and what do I have to show for it” moment, I opted for organized and rational thought. Rather than pursue a traditional quarter-life crisis, which I’m technically too old for unless the average life expectancy grows to 120 ( hey, it could happen), I decided to create a 30 before 30 list. Lists cure all!

I will turn 30 in June of 2011, which means I have about 13 months to complete my 30 before Thirty list:

1. Eat (hyper) local for a week.
2. Spend a day at the spa.
3. Buy a new house.
4. Start strength training.
5. Create a wedding album (seven years and counting).
6. Start a blog, website or side project.
7. Create a cozy mini-office at home.
8. Volunteer.
9. Do Finish the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure.
10. Make a plan to start a family.
11. Go to a comedy show.
12. Learn CPR.
13. Cook a 5-course meal and have a dinner party.
14. Do a 30-day yoga experience.
15. Attend a cooking class.
16. Go rafting or sailing.
17. Learn how to change a diaper (I always got out of this, like dodging the empty water cooler at work).
18. Run a 10k or 1/2 marathon (I ran a marathon in 2007 but stopped running consistently).
19. Get a smart smartphone.
20. Visit Turkey, Greece or the Adriatic Sea.
21. Make work meaningful.
22. Go backpacking (and possibly have to pee in the forest).
23. Get a full set of grown up dishes.
24. Visit 3 National Parks.
25. Read 13 books in 13 weeks.
26. Take a day or two off work (holidays and vacations don’t count).
27. Try a new class at the gym.
28. Get a dog.
29. Learn the Tittibhasana (Firefly) pose.
30. Attend a scooter rally or go on a group ride.

I will post my progress on the “30 before 30” tab and sidebar of my blog.

photo by 96dpi