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17 Jan

Calling Don Draper (ahem, to my Mad Men office)

I’ve been craving a Mad Men style office for a couple of years now, but since Mr. Comma Happy is the one with the wood paneled office, I’ve been secretly planning a design coup to overhaul his space.

After a Mad Men watching marathon this weekend I finally put together my stash of photos and inspiration into a mood board. Here’s my inspiration:

mad men office

And here’s a modern take on a Mad Men inspired home office:

Sources and progress to follow in an upcoming post, but most things are from IKEA, Crate and Barrel, Overstock and Amazon.

3 Dec

10 Things Loved in November

10 Things Loved November

1. Notebook paper tea towel – I got this from the WonderThunder Flatstock booth at Bumbershoot. Delightful.

2. Snowshoeing – We ventured out to Trillium Lake near Mt. Hood. Bring on winter.

3. Portland Chinese Garden – The Lan Su Chinese Garden is a little pocket of beauty in Old Town.

4. Mad Men – I am in love with this show! Perfect style and inspiration, and who could resist Don Draper at this price? I’m still planning a Mad Men inspired office. Stay tuned.

5. Tao of Tea – The teahouse at the Portland Chinese Garden is the perfect remedy for a rainy day.

6. EXPEDIT bookcase – I finally got an Expedit! I’m converting part of the family room into an office and crafty room, so I paired the 5×5 cube Expedit with a 2×4 cube on its side, and added the Expedit desk attachment.

7. ClarkLewis – I have been wanting to try this restaurant since, oh, the day it opened in 2004. Well, finally!

8. Ravenna chair at World Market – A great print, and perfect mix of new and old.

9. Thanksgiving dinner for two – Part New Seasons deli, part home cooked. Yum!

10. My new job – Yes, I did just get a new job five months ago. Same company, new position. This is great opportunity and what I’m calling “my big girl job.” (Jumps up and down, clapping.)


10 Nov

That Ikea frame, these flashcards — I smell synergy!


“Looking pretty is my core competency,” she says. Well, learning the lingo is half the battle.

A long time fan of KnockKnock’s corporate flashcards, I decided it was time for them to shine on a daily basis. Paired with an IKEA Ribba frame they make cheap, DIY art. And the bonus is I can easily swap out flashcards whenever I feel like it (you might call it plug-and-play). Ah, I’m such an envisioneer.

Office art – check. The first step in my mini-home office goal!

5 Sep

Design Dilemma: Taking the easy way out for storage

IKEA Dombas wardrobeTake the easy way out?* Don’t mind if I do. We recently remodeled our family room and while I have yet to realize my plans for furniture and decor, I rounded up some great storage for the space.

I planned to purchase a customizable IKEA PAX wardrobe to use as a storage closet for games and off-season clothing. After using IKEA’s online PAX wardrobe planning tool, I felt I had designed the perfect closet. We arrived at IKEA with plans in hand, only to stumble upon the DOMBAS wardrobe, on sale for $99! It was the same width and would work fine, it just had a cheaper look to it than the $600 PAX solution I had built. But who can turn down $99 storage for a room that is hardly used? The decision was quite easy once I started thinking of where that extra $500 might go in the room!

The assembling went fairly smoothly, if you don’t count the first few hours I spent reassembling it after I screwed up on the first step! Honestly, this was my first IKEA mishap… usually it’s so easy.

So here’s my finished DOMBAS wardrobe, packed full of board games. While the door finish wouldn’t have been my first choice, I am loving the practical, cheap solution and have thought about some fun ways liven it up… maybe a cool robot- or game-themed Blik graphic?

*Shout out to Elliott Smith.

10 Jun

How To: Make Tomato Ladders from the IKEA Salvia Trellis

Ladder or cage? The great debate. I have been obsessing over the idea of using tomato ladders rather than cages this year. I’ve heard they’re great for smaller spaces (like raised beds) because they help the plant grow up rather than out.

I had my eye on these beautiful red tomato ladders from Gardener’s Supply, but at $50 for a set of three, I’d be out $100 just on tomato supports!  While it’s not my main purpose for gardening, I do like the idea that I’m saving money by growing food in my backyard. So, for now the red steel ladders will wait on my wishlist.

I knew I couldn’t use the flimsy $1.99 variety either…last year I had to triage with bamboo, twine and pieces of a trellis – it got pretty ugly. Insert my seemingly endless supply of IKEA Salvia trellises, which I bought on clearance last year for $3. I copied the concept of a tomato ladder using pieces of the trellis. Each ladder uses six Salvia trellis squares (there are nine squares in a pack).

How To:

  1. Hook together three pieces of the trellis with the middle piece on the “outside.” This is one side of the trellis.
  2. Attach the lower and middle pieces of the other side by slipping them through the square part of the first side and interlocking them. Repeat with the top piece.
  3. Use zip ties to hook the middle vertical sections together. This helps strengthen the ladder since the top and bottom corners of the trellis are loose.
  4. Insert the lower angled pieces into the ground and drive small stakes or pins into the ground to anchor the ladder.

There you have it – a thick, steel tomato ladder for $10 each (or $2 in my case). All that’s missing is the cheery color. The good news is that it matches the trellis we already made for the sweat peas. So what do you think of my IKEA hack?  Have you made anything with the IKEA Salvia trellis?