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11 May

All washed up – a DIY beachy coat rack

A couple of months ago we had a wild, stormy week here on Oahu. There was rain, lightning, high winds, hail and even  a “water spout”  miniature tornado off Lanikai Beach. Needless to say, there was no swimming for awhile and even beach walks were a little difficult. The week after the storm, the beach was strewn with debris – glass, boards, nails, dead fish, boat cushions – you name it.

My awesome husband happened upon this cute little painted board – half buried in the sand – and he knew it was something I’d want. Yes, my own piece of reclaimed wood with perfectly distressed orange paint! I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, but I knew I needed to take it home.

After staring at it for a month, I decided that with a few hooks it would make a perfect rack to hang coats and bags by the kitchen door. And thankfully, our giant wave print will make the little beach board feel right at home! Since we are renting our house and our walls are boring tan, any and all pops of color are welcome.

Next up was to choose whether to use one, two or three hooks. I think any of these would have turned out great, but two seemed the most balanced for the size of the board.

These metal hooks were left over from our old house and I hadn’t yet figured out what to do with them in the new place. (I bought them at Ikea, back when you could purchase Leksvik hooks individually. Now you can only buy them attached to a coat rack.) Anyway, I like that they are metal but not solid black. They kind of have a distressed look to them, which goes great with the reclaimed, washed up board.

A couple of screws later and some nails on the back to fasten it to the wall, and it was done!

So, messy counter and all, the photo on the left shows how it fits on the kitchen wall – centered between a door and window. This has been a weird entryway to get used to since the door opens into the space and we also need room to open the cupboards. This has made it impossible to use my larger coat/hat rack and shoe bench. Instead I settled on a bright yellow Tub Trug to corral flip flops. And my new DIY beachy coat rack is perfect for a bag and a hoodie. Who needs a row of coats in Hawaii, right? And a final bit of joy was seeing that my newest beach bag from Target matches the flip flop bucket. This whole citrusy theme just screams endless summer.

15 Jul
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Wanna be a baller, shot caller – er – canner

During an evening stroll around the ‘hood, we stumbled into a lovely estate sale. Since I don’t carry cash on walks, I scurried home and rounded up a few dollars.

I picked up a clear wine carafe or decanter that says “half litre” on it. I imagined that someone bought it on a trip to Europe in the 1970s and that they felt so international using something that said “litre.” It will make a cool vase.

The best find was this awesome blue Ball Ideal canning jar (or maybe I should say it is aqua). Anyway, it says “PAT D July 14 1908” on it. According to this collector, that means it was made between 1923 and 1933. Pretty sweet for a $2 yard sale find. I’ve been coveting all the blue mason jars and canning jars  at vintage shops in Portland, but not willing to drop $20-50 for one. This satisfies my craving.