My name is Hannah Estelle. I get happy about design, home décor, food, gardening, traveling, hiking, boogie boarding and list-making. I’m a Northwest native and Portland, Oregon was my home for longer than any other city. Now I call Kailua, Hawaii home.

In real life, I am a health care communications manager. When my husband and I moved to Hawaii last year, I thought about becoming a professional snorkeler, but was blessed to be able to keep my job on the mainland and work remotely (most of the time). My days involve early mornings, conference calls and a lot of coffee.

Like Portland, the windward side of Oahu gets its fair share of liquid sunshine, which helps keep me in line. So far the best thing about living in Hawaii is that when you’re off the clock, you’re on vacation (kind of). It doesn’t take much to recharge in paradise!

This blog is where I share my latest adventures and obsessions. It is also where I documented my “30 before 30” list. I also write for Frugal Bon Vivant, a curated list of daily deals. We’re all about enjoying the good life – on a budget!

A little more about my blog name:
When I finished my master’s degree in 2007, everyone asked if I was going to add “MBA” to my business card. My reply was usually, “No, but I might add ‘, happy’ after my name instead.” Hence the idea for my Comma Happy blog. An added bonus is the grammar queen shout out to being comma happy! I believe there are more important things than what a person does for work and am pleased to present: Hannah, chef, gardener, wife, designer, snorkeler, cat parent, runner, DIYer, cyclist, editor, scooterist, list-maker, MBA. I look forward to picking up more “commas” along the way … and possibly creating a really long business card to fit my V.I.P. credentials of happiness.