30 before 30

While in the throes of a “holy hell I’m getting old and what do I have to show for it” moment, I decided to create a 30 before 30 list. Rather than pursue a traditional quarter-life crisis, which I’m technically too old for unless the average life expectancy grows to 120, I will work on accomplishing 30 goals. Lists cure all!

I will turn 30 in June of 2011, which means I have about 13 months to complete my 30 before Thirty list:

1. Eat (hyper) local for a week
2. Spend a day at the spa
Deleted: 3. Buy a new house
4. Start strength training
5. Create a wedding album (eight years and counting)
6. Start a blog, website or side project
7. Create a cozy mini-office at home
8. Volunteer
9. Do the Apartment Therapy Spring Cure
10. Make a plan to start a family

11. Go to a comedy show
12. Learn CPR
13. Cook a 5-course meal and have a dinner party
14. Do a 30-day yoga experience
15. Attend a cooking class
16. Go rafting or sailing
17. Learn how to change a diaper (I always got out of this, like dodging the empty water cooler at work)
18. Run a 10k or 1/2 marathon (I ran a marathon in 2007 but stopped running consistently.)
19. Get a smart smartphone – or iPhone
20. Visit Turkey, Greece or the Adriatic Sea
21. Make work meaningful or make a career move
22. Go backpacking
23. Get a full set of grown up dishes
24. Visit 3 National Parks
25. Read 13 books in 13 weeks
26. Take a day or two off work (holidays and vacations don’t count)
27. Try a new class at the gym and the remix
28. Get a dog
29. Learn the Tittibhasana (Firefly) pose
30. Attend a scooter rally or go on a group ride

July 2011 update:
Time’s up! Here’s my 30 before 30 recap post. And here are the items I still want to complete:

photo by 96dpi