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9 Dec

#14: Do a 30-day yoga experience – 30 before 30 list

"Can I have some more yoga, please?"

It took me a year and a half to finally step up to my yoga challenge goal – but I did it! During November, I redeemed my Groupon for a free month of yoga at Yoga Union in SE Portland. Technically I cheated, since I didn’t do a 30-day experience… it was more like four times a week. However, this is my goal and I can complete it how I wish.

I’ve done plenty of yoga over the years but usually not more than once a week. My goal was to go enough that I would develop a routine and really move forward in my “practice.” The fact that I was living by myself in November made it a perfect time to devote some energy to yoga and really center myself in preparation for the life changes ahead. (Moving!)

Things I learned from my yoga challenge:

  • Teachers DO matter – and a higher-quality studio generally means higher-quality teachers.
  • I love hot yoga.
  • The different styles of yoga are actually very different. I enjoyed every class I went to, but particularly the restorative classes on weekdays and more intense/energetic classes like hot yoga or prana vinyasa on the weekends.
  • I can focus for 90 minutes! No really, I had never attended a yoga class longer than 60 minutes. Most of the Yoga Union classes are 90 minutes. The time flew by!

Overall, this was a great experience. And one of my favorite habits was extending my post-yoga “me time” with a chai tea latte or a walk on Mount Tabor! I would definitely consider another yoga-intensive experience.

4 Dec

#30: Attend a scooter rally or go on a group ride – 30 before 30 list

My 30 before 30 quest is officially over, but I plan on checking a few more goals off the list in the coming year. I may even make a new list … 31 before 31? 12 in 2012? At any rate, here’s one I finally got done.

My goal was to go on a group scooter ride or rally, that is ride with someone, anyone, just not alone! Well, good news: my awesome husband purchased a scooter in October. We took a few rides together before he moved to Hawaii and it was amazingly cool. We may have to start our own scooter gang.

Scootering – it’s even more fun with a friend!