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10 Feb

#25: Read 13 books in 13 weeks – 30 before 30 list

When I told Comma Mister of my plans to read 52 books in 52 weeks, he laughed and said, “why don’t you try something more manageable first, like 13 books in 13 weeks?”

So now that I’ve been talked down from my ledge of reading misery, here is my list. I plan to read 13 of the following books between Feb. 7 and May 7. I tried to create a good mix genres, along with a few classics and books that have been on my wishlist for many a year. I’m also mixing things up by getting most from the library, buying a few, reading some on my Kindle and even listening to books on Audible.

And remember, kids, reading is fun! (Where are those BookIt buttons when you need them?)

Product Image

Water for Elephants: A Novel
by Sara Gruen

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An Object of Beauty: A Novel
by Steve Martin

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Outliers: The Story of Success
by Malcolm Gladwell

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The White Tiger: A Novel
by Aravind Adiga

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The Idiot Girl and the Flaming Tantrum of Death: Reflections on Revenge, Germophobia, and Laser Hair Removal
by Laurie Notaro

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by Hermann Hesse

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The Help
by Kathryn Stockett

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The Winter of Our Discontent
by John Steinbeck

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Cannery Row
by John Steinbeck

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The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho

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Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Education in Afghanistan and Pakistan
by Greg Mortenson

Product Image
Little Bee: A Novel
by Chris Cleave

Product Image
Then We Came to the End: A Novel
by Joshua Ferris

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Room: A Novel
by Emma Donoghue

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Freedom: A Novel
by Jonathan Franzen

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The Imperfectionist​s: A Novel
by Tom Rachman

6 Feb

10 Things Loved in January

I had a great January. Here are 10 things that rocked my month.

10 Things Loved January

1. Winter hiking: What’s better than bundling up and trekking out into a cold, but not freezing forest?

2. Santoku knives: I received a wonderful, belated Christmas gift of a santoku knife. It is crazy sharp and after a few weeks of using it, I’m lucky to still have fingers.

3. Little Dragon: Caught them at the Doug Fir in Portland. Great show at a great venue.

4. Cooking class at Sur la Table: Definitely my best use of $70 in the past few months.

5. Shuffleboard: I am tempted to buy a shuffleboard. Hmmm… I do have the space for one.

6. Strawberry marshmallow snacks: They take me back to our Tokyo trip. I did a taste test on two different varieties this month. If you must know, the Hello Kitty brand marshmallow snacks won by a long shot.

7. Snowboarding: Where have you been all my life? I feel incredibly guilty for squandering the last six snowboarding seasons. We headed up to Mt. Hood and were rewarded with fresh powder!

8. Timberline Lodge: We spent a wonderful weekend at Timberline (that’s where you’ll find the snowboarding and shuffleboard mentioned above). Despite having season passes seven years ago, we never actually made it inside the most beautiful, historic lodge of all time. (“Red rum, Red rum” … part of The Shining was filmed there too.)

9. Pambiche: Cuban food in Portland – who knew? The avocado salad was pretty good, but the desserts are what made my day.

10. A new year: January was a great start to my new year. I am feeling blessed.