10 Nov

That Ikea frame, these flashcards — I smell synergy!


“Looking pretty is my core competency,” she says. Well, learning the lingo is half the battle.

A long time fan of KnockKnock’s corporate flashcards, I decided it was time for them to shine on a daily basis. Paired with an IKEA Ribba frame they make cheap, DIY art. And the bonus is I can easily swap out flashcards whenever I feel like it (you might call it plug-and-play). Ah, I’m such an envisioneer.

Office art – check. The first step in my mini-home office goal!


  • hi there- so sorry that you felt you received attitude at tulu. that is definitely not our way. if we knew that you were a blogger we would have let you snap photos. if you come back to istanbul come in for coffee/tea and a warmer welcome. best, elizabeth hewitt

  • Thanks for the reply, Elizabeth! I did LOVE the shop, I was just disappointed I didn’t really get to peruse and dream/drool as long as I had planned. :O)

    I do hope you’ll reconsider your position on photos in the store, as most people wouldn’t be photographing things to copy, but just to continue dreaming about your amazingly creative products once they return home.


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