5 Sep

Design Dilemma: Taking the easy way out for storage

IKEA Dombas wardrobeTake the easy way out?* Don’t mind if I do. We recently remodeled our family room and while I have yet to realize my plans for furniture and decor, I rounded up some great storage for the space.

I planned to purchase a customizable IKEA PAX wardrobe to use as a storage closet for games and off-season clothing. After using IKEA’s online PAX wardrobe planning tool, I felt I had designed the perfect closet. We arrived at IKEA with plans in hand, only to stumble upon the DOMBAS wardrobe, on sale for $99! It was the same width and would work fine, it just had a cheaper look to it than the $600 PAX solution I had built. But who can turn down $99 storage for a room that is hardly used? The decision was quite easy once I started thinking of where that extra $500 might go in the room!

The assembling went fairly smoothly, if you don’t count the first few hours I spent reassembling it after I screwed up on the first step! Honestly, this was my first IKEA mishap… usually it’s so easy.

So here’s my finished DOMBAS wardrobe, packed full of board games. While the door finish wouldn’t have been my first choice, I am loving the practical, cheap solution and have thought about some fun ways liven it up… maybe a cool robot- or game-themed Blik graphic?

*Shout out to Elliott Smith.


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  • Hi! I ran across your site with a google search…. great stuff! I had a question about your Dombas… did you add shelving to the left side, or just leave as a wardrobe? I’m thinking of buying one bc they’re on sale for $49 right now and using it as a makeshift pantry…. Thoughts?

    • Hi Jamie – We kept the left side as a wardrobe so it could double as a closet when we have guests. I bet you could add shelves though. It’s surprisingly sturdy… as long as you didn’t load it with cans. 🙂

      Good luck! It’s an amazing value storage piece.

  • So you know the inner dimensions? Ikea doesn’t publish that. I suppose it would be too much to ask for the Komplement fittings to work in here, too, but like you, for $49, how can I say no?

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