3 Aug

You’re Fired! Express summer tease


Why, yes, I always hold my handbag in front of my skirt -- in case my lady business shows.

There was a time when faux leather snakeskin rocker-chic skinny pants passed as high-fashion in my book. Could there possibly be any more adjectives to describe the tragedy that is tight snakeskin pants?

Anyway, when trashy pant purchasing was my game, Express was my dealer of choice. While they do have some respectable work-worthy pants (The Editor Pant is a classic), they’ve always had a crazy selection of club wear posing as work wear.

And so I present: the “summer tease” category from Express. Really? REALLY?

“Never too short. Never too sexy.” proclaims the Studio Stretch Mini Skirt. Let’s add never too slutty and never too fired to the list, shall we?

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