29 Jul

Made it: Brazilian black beans, beets and rice

brazilian black beans beets riceI made this dish during World Cup to show my support of team Brazil. If only I had little tiny Brazilian flag toothpicks!

This meal has such a simple combination of flavors. The beets are the star attraction for me, but I also really like the black beans and cheddar. The Brazilian black beans recipe comes from the April 2009 edition of Everyday Food (and it’s been in my menu rotation since then).

A tip to cut down on the prep time (and fart quota*) is to soak the black beans… I usually start them soaking in the morning. Something I read said black beans really only need to soak for 2 to 6 hours because they are small beans. This really cuts down the cooking time!

For this recipe, I simmered the beets and beans together for about 45 minutes until the beets were done, then took the beets out and let the beans cook for about 15 more minutes before moving on to step 3 with the scallions and garlic. This cuts the total time in half so it takes just 1 hour, 15 minutes. The recipe serves six so it’s great if you want leftovers or extra beans for another dish later in the week. Enjoy!

* The first time I searched for instructions on soaking beans, I was amused at the number of websites and cookbooks willing to talk about farts and flatulence!

So, what do you think?