28 May

#27: Try a New Class at the Gym – remix

Pipe Cleaner Muscle Man by Bob.FornalThe purpose of my 30 before 30 list is to complete 30 different items, not just the same one 30 times… but I wanted to try another class at the gym! This time it was 24Lift, a 60-minute basic strength training class at 24Hour Fitness.

24Lift: This is a group class and everyone starts with a step/risers, a bar bell and two sets of hand weights (I chose a 15-20 pound bar, 3 pound weights and 6 pound weights).  The class focused on legs/lower body first, then arms/upper body and finished with some core work.

My Review: This was a great class and I can’t believe I’ve been missing out for so long. I’ll definitely be back. Getting set up was really easy… just copy what everyone else is doing! I would never think to do a strength training routine for a full 60 minutes so it was a great way to push myself to stick with it. There’s no fumbling around with the Nautilus equipment and way better than having your number of sets/reps and routine scribbled on a piece of paper or ripped out of a magazine… you just watch, listen and follow. The group format made strength training very approachable. A+

My only negative thought about this class was that the teacher was kind of goofy and kept making up moves like “scramble forward, scramble forward” and he’d take off on his hands and knees. Only a few people followed him and then he totally made fun of them to the rest of the class! I was glad I wasn’t together enough to copy him on those moves…I would have been really embarrassed, especially since it was my first class. And, yes, I suppose I feel a tad bit guilty for laughing at those who did copy him. 😉

So, what do you think?