20 May

#14: Do a 30-day yoga experience – 30 before 30 list

Showoff! Do you think I can learn Pincha Mayurasana and Tittibhasana in one month?

I can check off step one of a 31-step process — I’ve figured out the location for my 30-day yoga experience. Today’s Groupon is for One Month of Unlimited Classes at Yoga Union for just $30. Sweet! I was researching yoga studios last weekend and had (almost) settled on Yoga Union for my 30-day experience, but this seals the deal.

Yoga Union is one of the only Portland studios with a variety of styles, including hot yoga (plus!), daily classes, and an eastside  location (double plus!). Initially I was hoping to do my 30-days at an official “Bikram Yoga” studio but the ones in Portland had mixed reviews.

Now if only I can determine the best time in the next 13 months to redeem my membership so as to not show up at the same time as the other 689 people who bought it.

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